COVID-19 STATEMENT: While this virus is impacting everyone differently, this online programme is continuing as planned.
Please consider joining our global online classroom for an enriching and interactive experience to further your career.
While this virus is impacting everyone differently, this online programme is continuing as planned. Please consider joining our global online classroom for an enriching and interactive experience to further your career.
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26 April 2021

Application deadline is extended to
11 AM CET, 18 April, 2021


5 weeks, online
4-6 hours/week


26 April 2021

Application deadline is extended to
11 AM CET, 18 April, 2021


5 weeks, online
4-6 hours/week

Be the Innovator in a Disruptive World

A disruptive innovation is one that ultimately disrupts existing market-leading companies, products and alliances by offering new, more attractive alternatives in a particular industry. Every business aims to be the disruptor, not the disrupted. So how do you get there?

Based on our research from more than 400 companies, we explain the people, process and philosophy that established businesses can apply to navigate the uncertainty in this age of disruption. Executing a forward-thinking strategy requires a new set of tools and frameworks to navigate this uncertainty and stay relevant.

Innovation in the Age of Disruption is an online programme that enables you to understand how to leverage innovation to respond to change, particularly change driven by digital transformation, and will help you develop your ability to innovate by generating more ideas and putting them into action.

Participant Profile

  • Professionals who want to build their capabilities to innovate, and translate these skills into a competitive advantage for their organisation
  • Executives who are impacted by digital disruption
  • Leaders who want to help their organisation become agile, transforming it into a vehicle of innovation

Key Benefits

  • Understand the meaning of innovation and disruption
  • Learn about what kind of people lead innovation in today’s business world
  • Acquire the tools and frameworks to develop a process for innovation
  • Successfully translate your ideas into action
  • Help your organisation foster innovation to forge ahead of competitors

Programme Content

In the Innovation in the Age of Disruption programme, you can expect to learn about how to effectively keep up with the times and nimbly confront transformational change. You will learn tools that can help an organisation be disruptive and recognise technology and products that have the potential to revolutionise your industry.

People: Developing an Innovative Mindset

Understand what makes innovative people innovative.

  • Learn about our research into innovation leaders and what makes them great innovators
  • Develop the behaviours that help you become more creative and innovative
  • Help team members cope with uncertainty by crafting a vision that taps into their deeper motivations

Process: Problem-solving & Experimentation

Draw insights from lean start-ups, design thinking, agile methodologies and business model innovation to develop a single, end-to-end framework for testing innovation ideas.

  • Kick-start the innovation process by improving your ability to develop insights
  • Learn about the tools and frameworks to uncover the core problem you are solving
  • Use rapid experimentation techniques to test your ideas and assumptions under conditions of uncertainty

Philosophy: Fostering Innovation in Organisations

Find out how to successfully lead an innovative project and adapt to the uncertainty it brings.

  • Learn how to be a better leader by complementing your decision-making role with that of becoming the chief experimenter
  • Set up your team to succeed in innovation projects by redefining the realms of freedom and instilling catalysts for motivation
  • Explore how to measure the success of innovation projects compared to projects performed in more certain, mature business contexts and the cultural elements of adaptive organisations

Action Learning Project (ALP)

Developing the ability to innovate by generating more ideas to solve business problems and putting them into action is becoming increasingly critical in building a competitive advantage for your organisation. Skilfully applying this ability to your own business context will be key to navigating uncertainty, unlocking value and seizing the opportunities presented by disruption.

The Action Learning Project (ALP) will give you the opportunity to apply what you’re learning to your role. The ALP will take you on a step-by-step journey to drive innovation within your organisation.

A learning coach, led by INSEAD alumni, will help you design an ALP that is right for your personal learning objectives. For those attending the programme with colleagues from the same organisation, the learning coach can help you structure a more ambitious team ALP to collaborate and work on together.

There are 3 phases to the ALP process:

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First, you will identify an innovative idea as the focus of your ALP.

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Second, in subsequent weeks, you will apply the concepts from that week to your ALP, exploring your innovative behaviour and applying the innovation process.

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Third, you will synthesise elements from your weekly submissions into a coherent actionable plan for your innovative idea and submit it for peer review in the final week of the programme. All participants will review 4 other submissions and provide peer feedback.

Programme Modules

Over the course of 5 weeks, you will discover the behaviours of innovators, explore insight into how real-world companies have faced radical change and gain a toolkit for riding the wave to transform your organisation.

Week 1: Innovator’s Method: Foundations

  • Explore types of innovation and patterns of innovation
  • Recognise how new products and services disrupt established companies
  • Discover tools that you could employ to become more agile
  • Introduction to three elements at the heart of innovation: people, process and philosophy

Week 2: Innovator’s Method: People

  • Consider research into the behaviours of innovative leaders
  • Explore the idea of whether leaders are innovative because of their behaviours or because of some innate genetic creativity
  • Discuss the behaviours
  • Reflect on how to improve your innovative DNA

Week 3: Innovator’s Method: Process

  • Examine the process element, tools you could apply to more effectively turn ideas into new businesses
  • Take a deep dive into the Innovator’s Method, a set of tools that synthesise the latest frameworks from lean start-up, design thinking, agile methodology, and business model innovation
  • Watch these tools in action in a real-life case study
  • Practice applying the Innovator’s Method to an innovative project before moving onto the ALP and your own professional context

Week 4: Innovator’s Method: Process – ALP

  • Take the concepts you have learnt and apply them to your own situation
  • Work through your project in a step-by-step fashion, applying each tool of the process framework

Week 5: Innovator’s Method: Philosophy

  • Explore the philosophy element and how to lead under uncertainty
  • Discuss how to effectively organise, communicate and lead under uncertainty, so your organisation can become more agile

To learn more details about each module

Download Syllabus

Company Examples and Case Studies

Programme Faculty

Profile picture of course faculty Nathan Furr

Nathan Furr

Associate Professor of Strategy

Nathan Furr is an Associate Professor of Strategy at INSEAD, where he teaches innovation and technology strategy. Nathan earned his PhD from the Stanford Technology Ventures Program at Stanford University and holds BA, MA and MBA degrees from Brigham Young University. He has held permanent or visiting positions at INSEAD, ESSEC, and BYU.

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Upon successful completion of the programme activities, combined with satisfactory grades on the final assignment, you are awarded an official digital Certificate of Completion from INSEAD, which you can showcase on your LinkedIn profile. The top performers receive a Certificate with Distinction.

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Note: After successful completion of the programme, your verified digital certificate will be emailed to you in the name you used when registering for the programme. All certificate images are for illustrative purposes only and may be subject to change at the discretion of INSEAD.

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