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7 March 2024

Course Duration


5 Weeks
Online and Live Virtual

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Companies that actively engage in mergers and acquisitions (M&A), even during times of economic uncertainty, are positioned to take advantage of opportunities for growth and expansion. However, in order for M&A deals to deliver synergies and create value, corporate strategy and M&A strategy need to be meaningfully aligned. After the deal is complete, the post-merger integration must be thoughtfully implemented. The INSEAD Executive Education M&A Success Strategies – Online programme will equip you with essential tools and frameworks to make better M&A decisions from start to finish.


of corporate leaders say they are not planning to delay deals in 2023 to mitigate potential economic challenges and volatility.

PwC, Global M&A Industry Trends 2023 Outlook


of integrations have cultural issues that impact deal outcomes and require serious interventions.

Bain, Global M&A Report 2023

M&A Success Strategies – Online will prepare you to:

  • Recognise best practices in M&A such as when to engage in M&A based on synergy and value-creation opportunities
  • Value acquisition targets and synergies and evaluate acquisitions from a financial perspective
  • Develop an intelligent M&A deal structure that mitigates key risks
  • Identify limits, challenges and enabling factors in M&A programmes
  • Design a post-M&A integration plan which accommodates the challenges of the acquisition at hand and enables the acquirer to create the anticipated value.

Who is this programme for?

  • Decision-makers looking to champion growth and M&As, as well as learn best practices in a competitive and changing market such as high–tech industries.
  • Advisors and consultants on M&A strategy wanting to emerge as seasoned experts in M&A strategy and its process from both sides of the deal.
  • Managers and analysts aiming to have eye-level conversations with senior leaders on M&A, of the M&A process and improved dealmaking capabilities.

Programme benefits

  • Learn purposeful M&A decision-making by aligning with your business portfolio and corporate strategy
  • Learn to capture value in deals and evaluate the performance of acquisitions
  • Learn how to bid and negotiate when multiple bidders are involved in M&As
  • Build M&A capabilities and expertise in pricing and deal structures
  • Understand how to value and integrate technology M&A targets
  • Master challenges that pop up during post-merger integration processes

Programme experience

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Case Studies

Case studies from different industries relevant to various M&A stages

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Self-Study Playbooks

One optional playbook activity per module to apply key concepts to the M&A process

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Frameworks and Tools

Frameworks, tools, strategies and best practices to enable participants to build advanced M&A knowledge and skills

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Five required assignments, two of which get programme leader feedback

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Live Sessions

Live faculty sessions on negotiation simulation, recent M&A trends and Q&A

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Video Lectures

Bite-sized video lectures explaining M&A decision-making and key steps in the M&A process

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Programme modules

The M&A Success Strategies – Online programme consists of five modules expertly designed to take you through the entire M&A process to successful completion. The modules are conveniently delivered online and incorporate real-world case studies.

5 weeks | Online and live virtual
    • Core competencies and potential growth areas
    • Methods for evaluating acquisition performance
    • Sources of synergies and value creation
    • Deciding whether to engage in M&A activity

    • M&A value capture and value creation
    • Methods for valuing M&A targets
    • Defining synergy and target values
    • Evaluating an acquisition deal
    • Determining the bid price

    • M&A bidding strategies
    • Acquisition risks and risk mitigation tools
    • Develop an M&A deal structure
    • Bid formulation

    • Evaluating corporate strategy in relation to M&As
    • Aspects of successful tech M&A
    • M&A rules for technology organisations
    • Acquisition capabilities within organisations

    • Identifying potential integration challenges
    • Approaches to post-merger integration
    • Post-merger integration tools
    • Develop a post-merger integration plan

*Programme topics and themes are subject to change.

Programme director

Profile picture of programme director

Philipp Meyer-Doyle

Programme Director for the M&A Success Strategies – Online; Associate Professor of Strategy

A former investment banker and private equity professional, his teaching fuses academic insights with practical knowledge. His teaching focuses on corporate strategy, mergers and acquisitions, strategic alliances and strategic management. More info


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Upon completion of the programme, participants will be awarded a verified digital certificate by INSEAD Executive Education.

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