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23 April 2024

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5 Weeks
Online and Live Virtual

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€1.990 €1.771

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Recent global events have reshaped the way businesses operate on an international level, making decisions to expand into international markets more complex. Global companies must adopt modern strategic approaches to navigate the redefined business environment, using the right levers to grow their market share through the paradox of globalisation and anti-globalisation.

The INSEAD Executive Education Rethinking Global Strategy – Online programme equips participants to analyse the contemporary forces of globalisation and identify winning business strategies that transcend borders. You will learn to lead a global business and build a competitive advantage, not only through international expansion but also by applying proven open innovation and knowledge-sharing methods.


of CEOs and chairs are planning to shift investments and/or operations from Europe to North America over the next two years.


expect to shift investments and/or operations for their company from Europe to Asia (excluding China), while almost 40 percent expect their customers to do so.

Source: The Conference Board, Measure of CEO Confidence for Europe

Rethinking Global Strategy – Online will empower you to:

  • Examine the core strategic considerations of global business strategy 
  • Develop a game-changing approach to global strategy using executive frameworks
  • Explore the complex forces that shape the global business landscape and their impact on decision-making and international strategy
  • Consider the unique aspects of various global markets and how to leverage them to facilitate business expansion
  • Identify organisational transformation strategies to realise the potential of global open "innovability"
  • Analyse key characteristics, motivations and strategies in fostering global innovability, knowledge sharing and worldwide partnerships.

Who is this programme for?

  • Global business leaders, senior executives, and functional heads looking to understand how to drive business expansion in the changed global environment.
  • Experienced executives preparing to step into a global leadership role and new executives wanting to make an impact with broader responsibilities.
  • Managers and business consultants looking to gain confidence in global business growth decisions in order to inform and execute the strategic vision of their organisation.

Programme benefits

  • Learn from a cutting-edge curriculum, expertly designed by faculty with unparalleled expertise in global strategic management, business and innovation
  • Access the programme director’s proprietary framework for addressing the key considerations of globalisation, along with insights from his latest book and best practices for succeeding at global strategies 
  • Establish a solid foundation to make informed business expansion decisions in a redefined global environment
  • Harness the power of strategic location choices, both in home markets and abroad, and leverage global business clusters for a competitive advantage
  • Master foreign market entry modes, unlocking competitive strengths and mitigating potential liabilities in international markets
  • Embrace global open innovation and knowledge sharing as critical drivers of business advantage
  • Deepen your understanding of the unique capabilities, mindsets and challenges faced by multinational corporations from emerging markets, compared to those from developed countries
  • Discover how innovation and sustainability can be integrated into your global business model, aligning your company with changing market demands
  • Navigate the latest market disruptors and their impact on global business and expansion across various industries.

Programme experience

Case Studies

Award-winning global business case studies and real-world examples from a variety of companies and sectors

Frameworks and Tools

Time-tested strategy frameworks that work for any industry


One required Action Learning Project activity per module, with general feedback provided by the grading team

Live Sessions

One live session with faculty and weekly office hours conducted by programme leaders.

Video Lectures

Video lectures explaining topics of interest such as the circular economy, extended producer responsibility and environmental regulation

Action Learning Project

An application workbook for participants to reflect on the concepts presented in the curriculum and translate them into meaningful action


Optional activities and discussions throughout the modules to enhance your learning experience

Practical Application

Hands-on practice with models and tools for each stage of global business strategy

Guest Speakers

Interviews with industry leaders who share the latest insights in the world of global business

Programme modules

The Rethinking Global Strategy – Online programme consists of five modules to elevate your understanding of global strategic thinking beyond traditional paradigms.

5 weeks | Online and live virtual

    • Fundamentals and impact of globalisation
    • Benefits of globalisation
    • Key considerations in global strategy
    • Application of the GOLMIS framework: an acronym for the six key considerations of globalisation: Globalisation drivers, Ownership, Location, Motives for FDI, Internalisation, Sustainability 
    • Location types and their competitive advantages
    • Impacts of liability of foreignness
    • Application of the CAGE distance framework: CAGE stands for Cultural, Administrative, Geographic, and Economic, representing the four main types of distance that companies encounter
    • Evolution of clusters and their importance
    • Concept of foreign direct investment (FDI) 
    • Motivations to expand operations internationally
    • Strategies for entering foreign markets
    • Optimal timing for international expansion 
    • Emerging markets vs developed countries
    • Application of the Capabilities and Challenges matrix 
    • Metanational advantage in the context of multinational corporations (MNCs)
    • Ways to create and share knowledge for global innovation 
    • Benefits and challenges of global open innovation 
    • Characteristics and impact of digital MNCs
    • Concept of global open innovability and its key principles
    • Development and implementation of global open innovability 
    • Key components of organisational transformation and their role in global open innovability
    • Obstacles to global open innovability and actionable solutions 
    • Application of the ARC framework: a strategy model that represents the three core dimensions that organisations need to focus on to bring about meaningful and sustainable change – Architecture, Routines, and Culture 

Programme director


Programme Director for the Rethinking Global Strategy – Online programme; Senior Affiliate Professor of Strategy; Academic Director of the Global Talent Competitiveness Index

He is widely acclaimed for his teaching, having received several distinguished awards from INSEAD and the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. His research focuses on global open innovation and the role of boundary spanners. He is also the author of several award-winning case studies and the co-author of a recent book, Global Strategic Management.  



Upon completion of the programme, participants will be awarded a verified digital certificate by INSEAD Executive Education.


  • After reviewing the information on the programme landing page, we recommend you submit the short form above to gain access to the programme brochure, which includes more in-depth information. If you still have questions about whether this programme is a good fit for you, please email and a dedicated programme advisor will follow up with you very shortly.

  • The Rethinking Global Strategy – Online programme has been designed with your busy schedule in mind. You will be required to commit not more than four to six hours per week, enabling you to benefit from this impactful programme while balancing your work responsibilities. The programme offers a blend of self-paced modules and live interaction.

  • We have designed this programme to fit into your current working life as efficiently as possible. Time will be spent among a variety of activities, including:

    • Engaging with recorded video lectures from faculty
    • Attending webinars and office hours, as per the specific programme schedule
    • Reading or engaging with examples of core topics
    • Participating in interactive activities such as a programme playbook, try-it activities and group discussions
    • Completing required assignments.

    The programme is designed to be highly interactive while also allowing time for self-reflection and to demonstrate an understanding of the core topics through various active learning exercises. Please email us if you need further clarification on programme activities.

  • Peer learning adds substantially to the overall learning experience and is an important part of the programme. You can connect and communicate with other participants through our learning platform. You will also have the opportunity to engage with other participants during the live sessions.

  • The Rethinking Global Strategy – Online programme is scored as a pass or no-pass; participants must complete the required activities to pass and obtain the certificate of completion. Some programmes include a final project submission or other assignments to obtain passing status. This information will be noted in the programme brochure. Please email us if you need further clarification on any specific programme requirements.

  • Yes, the learning platform is accessed via the internet and video content is not available for download. However, you can download files of video transcripts, assignment templates, readings, etc. For maximum flexibility, you can access programme content from a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device.

    Video lectures must be streamed via the internet, and any livestream webinars and office hours will require an internet connection. However, these sessions are always recorded, so you may view them later.

  • You will have access to the online learning platform and all the videos and programme materials for 12 months following the programme start date. Access to the learning platform is restricted to registered participants per the terms of agreement.

  • You may request a full refund within seven days of your payment or 14 days after the published start date of the programme, whichever comes later. If your enrolment had previously been deferred, you will not be entitled to a refund. Partial (or pro-rated) refunds are not offered. All withdrawal and refund requests should be sent to

Connect with a programme advisor for a 1:1 session


Phone: +852 90301040 (Hong Kong) / +91 9845429314 (India) /  +65 92729350 (Singapore) / +971 564700049 (UAE) / +44 7827778084 (UK) / +1 8609664320 (USA)

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